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OR-SAT ZPChr Sp z o.o.
ul. Szklarska 10
68-205 Żary/Poland

tel/fax: +48 68 470 72 35

Automotive sector / About

OR-SAT ZPChr Sp. z .o.o. is part of POL - ORSA Sp. z .o.o. group. Our company produces sun visors, gear change lever & hand-brake covers (automotive sector), cushions and covers for furniture industry (seawing services sector).

We cooperate with major automotive corporations in the world. Such as Volkswagen, Fiat, Ford, Mercedes.

The history of our company

1991 - Start of activity of POL-ORSA Sp. z o.o.
1991 - 1997 - The production of full assortment of cartextils and others products for cars (fabrics, carpets and moulding, sunvisors, gear-levercovers, nonwovenfabrics, cutting of PU foams
1996 - New companie OR-SAT and new partner SATURNO from Italy - introduction a new technology to production of sun visors (total plant area 800 m2)
2003 - Removal of production plant OR-SAT to new location in Żary - Kunice (total area 2600 m2),In years 2003-2008 OR-SAT annual turnover has increased from 1,5 million EUR to 7,5 million EUR